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Total Hashrate

112.0 MH/s

Increased by 12.3

Mined in Last 24hrs

35,350 (in millions)

Increased by 1,050

Last Reward Payout

88 secs ago

Public availability PRIVATE

Last Mining Transaction 8db4ee79ad9d2aac003d ... bb7b23b14b511c3a037f
Current Mining Algorithm (hash) AD6CE46F7F1EA8519DC02CE8CE0C278C6FF329B2

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My Local Stats

Rewards Since Feb 4th


Increased by 1.1M

Profitability Last 24hrs

$0.88 USD

Increased by 14.888 mNXY

Current Hashrate


Increased by 122

Average Hashrate


Increased by 5.4%

# of Miners Online


Increased by 1

My Pool Stats

Earnings Last 24hrs


Increased by 750K

Shares Accepted


Increased by 32

Shares Rejected


Decrease by 2

Enable SOLO mining? Receive the FULL reward for every accepted solution. (requires small amount of $NXY to pay transaction fee)
Display in FIAT? Display ALL monetary values in your local currency.

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